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What Do We Cover?

Inbound Shipments

If there are any problems or damage that the carrier experiences while transporting your item, our program will cover it.

Lost Items

Not only does our program cover erroneous reimbursements, but it also compensates lost merchandise.

Damaged Items

Things that have been thrown out by damaged in the warehouse are both part of our program.

Customer Returns

We have a process in place to help with things like returned purchases, incorrect items, overpaid clients, and chargebacks that were not refunded.


Incorrect weights and dimensions, as well as orders that were overcharged, are covered by our program.

Free Audit

To make sure sellers get all the money they deserve , our program checks their accounts and handles reimbursements.

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More Recovery


Revenue Increase

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Get Started

Start your financial recovery with our free audit. We will send a complete report on reimbursements shortly after our audit.


Be Reviewed

We prioritize quality with Refundget’s full company checks. Nothing is overlooked when inspecting eligible products, orders, returns, and deliveries.


We Handle Cases

Refundget prioritises openness and accountability. We find reimbursements and create detailed reports to show you the money we recover for each case.


Get Paid To Invest

Our promise is simplicity. Your return will be deposited into your account, making business investments easy.

Maximize Your Income – Saving Time

We specialize in swiftly handling your reimbursement cases, ensuring you receive the maximum refunds. You can get a free audit within 48 hours of requesting one, and then we get your money back where it belongs, which you can use to investigate your business.

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Simple and Transparent Dashboard

Our dashboard provides sellers with a reliable and transparent overview of reimbursement process. Our exclusive, developed-in-house system meticulously monitors and manages every claim, ensuring that no dollar goes unnoticed, even those that other service providers may overlook.

Peace of Mind / Easy to Adapt and Free of Charge Platform

Whether you need exact notifications for changes in weight and dimensions or want an easy way to generate packing lists for invoice reporting, Refundget offers sellers significant help and top-notch service at no cost.

refundget main page video
refundget main page video

24/7 Support

Your dedicated case manager will handle all refund processes, from claims to appeals. The faster and more efficient method ensures the speedy recovery and restoration of your funds.

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